Monday question by Buchfresserchen

Oh my goodness! I forgot the Monday question! I’m so sorry!
The question of this week is: Wenn du ein/e Buch/reihe restlos vergessen könntest, um es/sie nochmal neu zu lesen, welche/s wäre das?


Well, I would like to forget the entire series of Harry Potter and the entire Mortal Instruments series. Because both of them are my favorite book series. But actually I also enjoy detecting new aspects every time I read the books again. Little details which aren’t really important for the story, but let me understand some actions of characters in a different way.

Are there any books you want to forget?
Oh, if you wonder why this post is in english language today, that’s because I had my English class at university today and I really hate it. I know, my grammar isn’t very well. I only had 5 years at school and the last of them was 7 years ago… But the guys in my class can’t even pronounce the „th“! What’s wrong with them?! The teacher translates also vocabulary like „to maximize“ and „available“ in German! I don’t get it. This class ist about technical language! You see I’m really upset about this class. I’m sorry for wreaking it on you.


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